Moon Fever War Song: Eastern State Penitentiary
Co-written with Cynthia Mitchell

The New National Anthem: Queens Museum
Adapted from ‘Adam’s and Liberty’, the first American Campaign Song

 I’m Going to Kill Myself 

17th & Capps: SFMOMA 75th Anniversary
Band curated by Chris Johanson as a tribute to San Francisco bands of the 1990’s

.Everything at Riley’s Must Be Done in Irish Style: Havana Biennial

.Excerpt of May Irwin’s Bully Song by Rag-Time Germs of Love
with Charlie Judkins on piano

Shame on You: Deitch Projects

Кристин by La Konga Russe: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
Lara Allen and Mia Theodoratus play an interpretation of a Russian folksong transcribed and published by Rimsky-Korsakov’s uncle 

 Whistling Riley: Magnan Metz Gallery
Adapted from Edward M. Favor’s 1904 recording for Duke Riley’s Trading with the Enemy