The Hairy Eyeball
 Excerpt of reading from Too Many Tammys – a work derived from personal experience of being locked up and technically “brainwashed” as an adolescent, and subsequent attempts to understand that experience through research done as an adult. Audience members are invited to draw from a tableau vivant featuring Baker Overstreet and Gordy. 

Grizzly Bear Rag: Rag-Time Germs of Love
With Charlie Judkins on piano and J Boxer on snare, Grizzly Bear Rag was composed in 1910 by George Botsford, lyrics by Irving Berlin and recorded at Dixon place, January 31st, 2018 during a lunar eclipse

Moon Fever War Song excerpt: Eastern State Penitentiary
Inspired by E.T. Paull’s Woman Forever March written in 1916, lyrics co-written with Cynthia Mitchell

I’m Going to Kill Myself

17th & Capps: SFMOMA 75th Anniversary
Band curated by artist Chris Johanson as a tribute to San Francisco bands of the 1990’s including Joe Goldring, Wendy Farina and Alex Oropeza

The New National Anthem: Queens Museum
Adapted from ‘Adam’s and Liberty’, the first American Campaign Song

.Everything at Riley’s Must Be Done in Irish Style: Havana Biennial
Adapted for Duke Riley’s El Primer Desfile de San Patricio

Shame on You from 1904 and popularized by Billy Murray and Len Spencer performed at Deitch Projects

Кристин by La Konga Russe: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
With Mia Theodoratus on harp, this is an interpretation of a Russian folksong transcribed and published by Rimsky-Korsakov’s uncle 


Whistling Riley: MagnanMetz
Adapted from Edward M. Favor’s 1904 recording for Duke Riley’s Trading with the Enemy