Moon Fever War Song

Moon Fever War Song invokes historical, cultural, and literary references, including E.T. Paull’s Woman Forever March and Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself. It reclaims Brooklyn farmland, advocates for Moon Camp and speaks to the beauty of failed utopias.

Moon Fever War Song

Beware, a woman starts to speak
And to the moon her secrets leak
Abstracted, distracted Liberty she waits
With sea-maid sentinels at harbor gates

Gargoylan sisters protect, disguise me
Encased, embalmed, embedded inside we
Plot our futures, stone masked we grin
What once was mine will be mine again

Red Girls march and Red Girls sing
“Let arrows fly at camp meeting”
Filthy and pretty we besiege your parks
And wear the skins of oligarchs

The stain of my lips, the strain of my song
The gulag of my venomous spawn
“This shall be you!” my son, my slave
In a dream you weep for what you gave

Cursed with poison, Mandragora
Your spirit swallowed, spat out once more
A totem of tongues, a basket of head
Your baubles still bobble but now for the dead

To Liberty we raise a torch
A Lunar burst, your world will scorch
In fire is freedom, hear our cry
On flames we will be lifted high

Lyrics co-written with Cynthia Mitchell